Born and raised alongside his two brothers in the Bronx, New York, TheGodBlessed was heavily influenced by the likes of Hip-Hop giants such as Biggie, Puff Daddy, Nas, and Jay-Z. "Hypnotize" and "Hard Knock Life" were just a few of his favorite tracks he used play everyday when he got home from school. Moving to New Jersey a few years later as an adolescent, he started learning how to write lyrics in a "freestyle" competition with his brothers, sparking his love for writing rhymes. In High School, he discovered Lupe Fiasco's "Food and Liquor" album, which inspired him to create concepts for songs instead of simply bars with punchlines. When he got to college, he started to make songs on his old school Acer laptop using his friend's "Sony Acid" software and a USB microphone, rapping over Kendrick Lamar's and Dr. Dre's "The Recipe" and Drake's "Fear." Later on (and currently), he started recording and mixing his music with engineers X, Ro, and David Martins at DLM Studio, taking his sound to new heights all while balancing graduate school in NYC.

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